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The Ars Divina Cultural Association was founded in 2015 by José Ignacio Delgado.

Registered in the municipal registry of associations of Valladolid, its purposes are:

Research, study and interpretation of the repertoire of the Spanish and European performing arts of the Renaissance and Baroque.

The study and dissemination of art, facts and customs of the Spain of the Golden Age, with special attention to the period in which the city of Valladolid reached the rank of capital of the kingdom.

Promote cooperation and exchange between the Association and any other national and foreign cultural associations.

The preservation and dissemination of Spanish cultural heritage in any of its forms.

Since its foundation, the association has regularly carried out activities related to the stated purposes: talks, workshops, colloquiums, as well as stage productions to disseminate the results of its research:

  • "Cervantes In Audito" (2015). Scenic project sponsored by the Municipal Foundation of Culture of the town hall. Valladolid, on the figure of the author of Don Quixote during the years he lived in the city. Presented in the Concha Velasco room of LAVA (Valladolid).

  • "Cervantine Bites" (2016). Series of talks and practical workshops on gastronomy in the times of Cervantes and Shakespeare. In collaboration with the Creative Space Mond (Valladolid).


  • Cycle of conferences "Valladolid in the imperial era" (2017). Taught for the faculty of the Waldorf School El Puente Azul (Valladolid).

  • "Baroque Glam, cheese & wine" (2018).  Commissioned by the Quesería Cultivo, a scenic project around  Baroque gastronomy. Premiered at Gastrofestival ( Cuartel del Conde Duque, Madrid).

  • "A jester in Valladolid" (2017). Scenic project sponsored by the Municipal Culture Foundation, based on a text by José Ignacio Delgado about the alleged love affairs of a 'pleasure man' from the court of Felipe IV. In collaboration with the Creative Space Mond (Valladolid).

  • "The voice due to you" (2018). Sponsored by the FMC of the town hall. Valladolid and presented at LAVA, in a conference-recital format, is the product of a research project on the history of women poets in Spain and the reasons for their historical neglect. In collaboration with the pianist O. Hernando. ( link to video )

  • For more information on projects promoted by JI Delgado for Ars Divina, or in collaboration with other artists, please  follow this link...

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