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LA FASTIGINIA is a performing arts group founded by the artist-disseminator  José Ignacio Delgado and the musician-composer Alfonso "Poncho" Corral . Taking Felipe III's courtly Valladolid as a reference, our gaze encompasses the lofty literary and musical production of the Golden Age of the arts in Spain and, in addition, that of contemporary authors in the Anglo-Saxon sphere: the hypothetical meeting of Cervantes and Shakespeare with reason for the birth of the son of Philip III and Margaret of Austria (1605), is a source of inspiration for our work.

As a complement to the disciplines of Music and Theater, LA FASTIGINIA  integrates Historical Dance in its proposals. Through courses and workshops organized by the Ars Divina association, we introduce interested people to this art, who are invited to collaborate with the company.

In  THE FASTIGINIA  We flee both from an exclusively historicist vision and from superficiality and folklorism. In this sense we are not "archaeologists", but neither are mere cultural animators. We define ourselves as artists who contribute their knowledge and sensitivity to transmit an extraordinarily complex culture, which must always be understood in its context.  


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Alfonso Corral

Músico & compositor

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Violeta Delgado



J. Ignacio Delgado

Artista y divulgador

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Arantxa Hernández

Músico & compositora​

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Laia Ramón 

Bailarina, ilustradora

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Teresa Ramos


Iluminación & sonido

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Carlos Belloso

Asesoría histórica

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David Lott

Fotografía & vídeo


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