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Each experience of Fastiginia is like the script of a stage play...

It is the journey reinvented: artists, researchers, gastronomes, contributing their knowledge to create unforgettable moments. It is not only going through the predictable timeline that takes us from one day to the next, but also venturing through a fascinating past.

An innovative perspective for learning about the immense legacy of the Golden Age, the depth and beauty of the Spanish language, or the gastronomic and oenological excellence of Spain.  

Experiences for the senses and the spirit, guided by the members of a scenic company that act as unexpected 'cicerones'. Each day raises its curtain and the traveler is given to understand, in all its fullness, the baroque concept of the "great theater of the world":


The Tourism line of our project is distributed through

News Madretierra, collaborating agency of Fastiginia.

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